Children for a Peaceful World


Let It Rain
by Cindy Jordan

When grown-ups witness a miracle, many times they pass it off as "weird" or a "strange coincidence. When small children experience miracles, they rejoice. This is because small children look at the world through their spiritual eyes. They do not analyze, try to explain or judge anything with doubt or cynicism. They recognize miracles as gifts from God and because of this; they are great teachers of spirituality. Therefore, with all that said, let me tell you about the time the children made it rain!

It all began on a Wednesday afternoon in August of 2006. We were preparing for a Children For A Peaceful World  Concert to be performed in San Angelo, Texas. The concert was scheduled for the Saturday morning of August 12th, 2006. About ten days before the concert, the musicians were gathered at my home for a rehearsal practicing songs like "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing" and "I Believe in Peace In The World." The purpose of the concert was for to pray for peace in the spirit of unity and song. You see, I believe when children pray with song in the spirit of love, joy and unity, miracles happen. Boy do they!

A few weeks before I had been the keynote speaker at the annual Sheep and Goat Farmer’s Convention in Kerrville, Texas. There was a major concern about the terrible drought that was occurring in West Texas. All of the crop farmers were suffering and livestock was short on food. The fact that the farmers in West Texas desperately needed rain was fresh on my mind.

Towards the end of the rehearsal I made the comment to my songwriting friend, Tamara, that we should pray for rain at the concert. She looked at me, her big, beautiful brown eyes flashing with enthusiasm and said, "I was with some people one time and we were singing, "Let it rain, let it rain... and it rained! With that I picked up my guitar and began strumming a C chord.

"What is it God can't do?" I said.

I started singing "Let it rain." With that, Tamara picked up her guitar and chimed in and Kelly created the bottom on her stand-up base. Even our Chihuahua dog, Pepper, began singing along in her little doggy voice. We were all having so much fun singing, "Let it rain, let it rain, dear God, let it rain." Our joy was shining through the music.

Then I told everyone that when we give God an intention it is important we thank God in advance with the understanding that the prayer will be answered. We then began singing, "Thank you God, for the rain, thank you God, for the rain." Now that our little song was created, we sang it over and over for several minutes, smiling and laughing as we played along on our guitars. Shortly after that everyone left the house.

I was feeling very satisfied that the practice session had gone so well. The concert would be in ten days and I was feeling very good about how well our rehearsals were going. I poured myself a glass of tea and walked outside to our patio to relax and do a Sudoku puzzle. As I began filling my numbers in the squares, I noticed there were drops of rain falling on the paper to the point I could no longer work the puzzle. Within a minute or two a small shower of rain forced me to take shelter and I had to go inside. Remember, we were having a drought!

I called Tamara.
"I think we made it rain," I said.
"What?" she exclaimed.
"Look outside... I think we made it rain."
"O my God!" she laughed. It's raining! This is weird… my rain bush hasn’t opened. It always opens when it rains!" she laughed again.
Then I called Kelly. She hadn't gotten home yet so I told her husband to tell her. “We made it rain!”

Now it is important to keep in mind we were not attached to any outcome at this point. We simply sang, "Let it rain," and it rained. That makes 1 out of 1.

The next Saturday I hosted a singing circle for the children at the Chicken Farm. This is a place in San Angelo where people go the first Saturday of the month to view and purchase art from local artists. There is a place for children to create from clay and it is located right next to the musicians circle. I pulled out my guitar to sing with the children. Along with our peace songs like, "I think it's so groovy now that people are finally getting together," and “This Land is Your Land,” we sang "Let it rain." The children and the musicians that were there all sang along.

A few hours later we relocated to a location set up for the kids. We all gathered together for a beading lesson and a children's singing circle and sang again. Tamara was working in the Silo Restaurant right next to the patio where we were singing and through an open window, she chimed in.

Some of the people at the Chicken Farm heard us singing and brought drums for the children. They sang, danced and played the drums all the while singing "Let it rain!" One little three-year-old girl would clap her hands together after every time we finished and squeal, “Let’s do it again!” Again we were laughing and having fun with no real attachment to the outcome. "Let it rain, let it rain, thank you God, for the rain." We did this around 2pm.

The Chicken Farm shuts down at 4pm. It was about 3:30 and only the local artists and musicians were still there. A bunch of us were sitting in a circle playing music when all of a sudden the sky fell out! I mean it was raining a nice strong healthy shower. It was enough to soak your clothes so everyone ran for cover.

One of the little girls, Gretchen, had been at the singing circle was giggling with glee in the middle of the rain. Gretchen was about four-years-old with long beautiful golden braids. Her face was tilted up to the sky, and as the rain splashed on her rosy red cheeks she was exclaiming, "It worked, it worked, we made it rain, we made it rain!" I quickly went to her and as we both got soaking wet as we danced in the rain."

"Yes sweet baby, you made it rain," I laughed. Warm tears rolled down my cheeks as I became aware of the miracle at hand. I will hear her voice and laughter in my heart with that beautiful memory the rest of my life. All of the musicians and people who witnessed our little rain dance of celebration were smiling. It rained hard for just about 20 minutes. We were soaking wet. It was just enough to satisfy the earth with a nice healthy drink. Everyone who had heard and sang the Let It Rain song were in awe. This made 2 out of 2. 

The next week I went on television to announce the concert and briefly told about the incident at the Chicken Farm the Saturday before. I told everyone who was watching to come to the concert and bring their umbrellas. We were going to make it rain! Afterwards it occurred to me that it might have sounded a bit "out there." A young woman named Mar Jon working as an apprentice at the Standard Times did a big article in the Faith section of th paper and told how we were going to sing for rain at the concert. The article was awesome.

The Friday morning before the concert the children and musicians all showed up for the last rehearsal at the outdoor River Stage. It was hot! Very hot! It was only 9 am. I was a bit concerned that the next day the children would be standing in a very hot sun and their energy would quickly evaporate by 9:30 am. I quickly shifted my thought to, "It'll work out. It always does."

The next morning it was overcast. The weather was perfect for an outside concert. One of the dads brought a huge umbrella and we all sang "Let it rain," as he rocked it back and forth. I remember he had a huge smile on his face. Again, we were singing, laughing and having fun singing our rain song with no real attachment to the outcome. There was so much joy. About an hour after the concert my husband, Dennis, called me from where he was working out in the country about 20 miles out of town. "It's coming a flood!" he exclaimed. "The cotton fields are smiling and drinking it up!" This made it 3 out of 3."

The next day was Sunday and the first live broadcast of the West Texas Songwriters Guild was scheduled to be aired at 2pm at the Cactus Hotel in historic San Angelo. My friend Tamara was part of the group and I was the host. After a very uplifting performance of all the songwriters, I briefly told the story of how we came to write the Let It Rain song. All of the musicians joined us as we closed the show singing, “Let it rain, let it rain, dear God, let it rain, thank you God for the rain, thank you God for the rain.” We invited the listening audience to join us. They were singing from their homes, cars, backyards etc.

The Cactus Hotel has a front glass door and a side glass door. Looking out the front door to Twohig Street it was dry. As the musicians loaded their gear we looked out the side door onto Oakes Street and saw that it was lightly raining on the pavement. It was just enough to make it wet and then quickly evaporate. This made 4 out of 4. We would learn later this was only a sneak preview to coming attractions.

The next day, Monday, we had scattered showers.  The Standard Times put out a story to pray for rain. Within two weeks it rained and rained and rained. By the end of August it had rained over 7 inches. The drought in the San Angelo area was over.

Everyone who sang and prayed for rain was part of a miracle.

What is your reaction to the rain story? Weird? A strange coincidence? She must have known the weather forecast? Or are you like the little girl who danced with me in the rain exclaiming, “It worked! It worked! We made it rain! We made it rain!”

If you are like the little girl then may I suggest you sing, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Sing it every day. You don’t have to sing the whole song. The first line will be just fine. Then make sure you thank God for the peace. “Thank you God for a peaceful world.” Be part of the miracle.

You need rain clouds to make it rain.

Peace is simply a choice.

Anyone can be part of a miracle. The rain story affirms the fact that all you need is complete TRUST in God and a simple song that states your intention. Sing the song in the spirit of joy and love knowing that whatever happens will be for the greater good. That's why when children sing with pure intention and the knowing that there is nothing God can't do, magic happens! 

See the world as a little child, and you will see the Kingdom of Heaven.




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