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The Butterfly Story

One day as Miss Cindy was walking through the park a small miracle happened! She was very sad and confused about things that were bothering her, so she gave her problem to God. Miss Cindy then got very quiet in her mind so she could hear the Holy Spirit talk to her.

As she walked along the path by a small river, a peaceful feeling came over her like a warm blanket. The silent voice of God told her that everything was happening just the way it was supposed to. Miss Cindy began to smile. 

The bright sun was behind her on this beautiful September morning and she could see her shadow on the ground . All of a sudden she saw another shadow fluttering above her head and then boom... it landed on her right shoulder! It was a small, orange and black butterfly.

With happy tears, Miss Cindy began to talk to the butterfly and she thanked it over and over again. She saw it as a beautiful sign from God. For about 30 minutes she spoke to the butterfly like an old friend. People walking by might of thought she was a little nuts but she didn't care. What was really amazing was the fact it would not leave her!

When she finally arrived at her van, the little orange and black butterfly was still there! It's small delicate wings were moving up and down as if it was understanding everything she was saying.

"It's time for me to go home," she said, "and  you won't understand windows." With that she gently put her finger up on her shoulder thinking the butterfly would fly away.

To her complete surprise the little butterfly then jumped on her finger! She pointed her finger to her nose and sat on a tree stump where she continued her conversation with God's happy little creature. With more happy tears she thanked the butterfly over and over for being her special friend.

After a few more minutes she told the butterfly, "I need to go now to my home. " I'd love for you to come with me but this is your home. I'll be back in a few days and then we can visit again." It's little wings were still going up and down as she spoke. With that the butterfly paused and then seemed to dance away into the sunlight.

Three days later what do you think happened? Miss Cindy returned to the park and a small little orange and black butterfly landed on her left shoulder! Miss Cindy's friend, Derri, even saw it! Do you think it was the same butterfly?

Miss Cindy believes that butterflies are messengers from God to remind us: We are never alone!

Remember this story of love and friendship whenever you see a butterfly. If you wear a butterfly on your right shoulder you are part of the secret club!
You can make one out of paper or felt. When you wear it it will remind you that God is always with you, especially when you feel lost and confused.

God Bless you now and always (all-ways) !


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